Duolingo Events are now online!

In response to COVID-19, we have enabled events to be held virtually. 100% of the events below are online events that you can attend from anywhere. Stay tuned for updates on when in-person events will resume!

United States of America

Rochester Esperanto


The Esperanto-Klubo de Roĉestro has a long and unbroken history going back at least to 1946. Learning tools have come a long way since then, but one thing hasn't changed. Languages are meant to be spoken. That's how we learn. Chapter host Tomaso A enjoyed the benefit of having other local speakers to learn from when he started 20 years ago, and has seen many people come out and speak Esperanto "por la unua fojo." Now is your chance. We have been organizing local and regional Esperanto events for some time and by happy coincidence we've started having regular monthly meetings again, just in time for Duolingo Events. Rochester, NY, USA

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