Duolingo Events are now online!

In response to COVID-19, we have enabled events to be held virtually. 100% of the events below are online events that you can attend from anywhere. Stay tuned for updates on when in-person events will resume!

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Nairn Scottish Gaelic


Halò agus fàilte chridheil ort. Hello and a warm welcome to you. The Nairn Duolingo Gàidhlig group wishes to create informal opportunities for learners and fluent speakers to use their language. Learners not on Duolingo are also welcome  to all events. However much Gaelic you have, please feel free to come to our events and start using it. Gaelic has been in Nairn for many hundreds of years with the last Census recording nearly 200 speakers and another 100 or so with some ability in the language. Gaelic is still here - let's do our best to make sure it has a great future in Nairn too!

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