Duolingo Events are now online!

In response to COVID-19, we have enabled events to be held virtually. 100% of the events below are online events that you can attend from anywhere. Stay tuned for updates on when in-person events will resume!


Mohali German


Please mail me your queries, suggestion and interest to attend an event at ashunarayan1998@gmail.com. Even after registering for the event you should mail me directly and get in touch with me so that everything happens smoothly on the day of event. If you are a foreign national and interested to explore the versatile culture of India, you could mail me in advance before coming to India so that I ensure that I am not having any other plans on the particular that you will be interested to meet. All your queries would be acknowledged by me as soon as possible, so please do not hesitate to mail me.

After the repetitive work during weekdays, everyone gets tired and bored but the event would help you to refresh your mood and gain some German language skills. The event is open to all and would be conducted in the language which every attendee could comprehend. It could range from kaint Punjabi to fluent English. The event could be molded, as per the wish of the attendees. The event would include exercises, activities and quizzes to keep the event energetic. You would also be given a homework, I know it's boring but it's necessary to speak and comprehend any foreign language. A duolingo notebook would be given to those attendee who have attended more than three events.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at the moment. Please check again soon.

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