River Hiking

Valencia German <> Spanish Exchange
Aug. 25, 2018, 8:30 a.m.

About this event

Join us for a day of hiking, sun, scenery, swimming, and fun! If you love hiking and water sports like swimming, cliff jumping etc… this is your trip! We'll get the chance to enjoy:

Excursion in the river,

Abseiling in the water,

Cliff Jumping,

Food and drinks,

Practicing our languages,

and each other's company!

We'll split into two groups depending on ability - the first group one for strong swimmers and experienced hikers, and the second group for those who just want to take it easy - so please join us even if you're not a fitness fanatic! The first group will push on after lunch for a harder walk, while the second group will relax in the natural jacuzzis!

We'll meet at Plaza Honduras 36 to leave at 09.00, before arriving at the river at ~10.30. We'll enjoy brunch together (we advise you to bring your own brunch; there are NO shops near the river) and then, at 11.00, the fun starts with the river hike!

At 14:00 the first group will stop for lunch before continuing, while the second group will take lunch at 15:30 before enjoying a couple of hours of relaxation. There is a cafeteria where we can order a cheap lunch (~€5 for a bocadillo, drink, and fruit), and this is highly recommended so you don't risk your food getting wet in the river!

Later we'll drink a few beers in the evening sun before taking the bus back to Valencia at around 19:00.

Some important points you should consider….

Shoes: Bring the right type of shoes! Shoes which will be safe to wear in the water and which are comfortable; even when wet! Some people like to bring two pairs: one pair of regular trainers along with a pair of aquatic shoes (scarpines in Spanish). We personally recommend sports shoes which will be safe for use in the water and comfortable when wet!

Water: Bring a good quantity of water! Even though we'll be surrounded by water, we will need fresh water to drink! Bring at least 2 liters!

Sunscreen: the sun is very intense! Bring sunscreen! Even better if it's waterproof.

Towel and spare clothes: When we return to the bus, we will change clothes, so an extra set of clothes is important.

Food: Bring something to eat for brunch, and we recommend you order lunch there.

Checklist: Shoes, Water, Sun cream, Food, Clothes, Food


The cost for the trip is €17 for the ticket +€1.50 insurance to be paid on the bus.

You can reserve at any of our language exchange meetings:

Mondays at Bigben, Plaza Honduras 36 (20: 30-23: 00)

Tuesdays in Upper Club, Granvia marques del turia 40 (20: 30-23: 00)

Wednesdays at High Cube, Calle Marina 5, (20: 30-23: 00)

Thursday: Bigben, Plaza Honduras 36 (20: 30-23: 00)

Friday: Umbracle (@ 23: 00-01: 00)

This will be a great day, so I'm looking forward to seeing you all there!


Aug. 25, 2018
8:30 a.m. - 9 p.m.


In front of Bigben
Plaza Honduras 36 Valencia, 46022




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