The English Group of Buenos Aires - TEGOBA - A meeting to make friends in English language

Buenos Aires English
Nov. 2, 2018, 8 p.m.

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About this event

We are a community of people who practice English every Friday at a coffee shop in Buenos Aires. It's an easy going and informal meeting, free, just for pleasure.

We have been meeting every Friday for over 17 years to practice our oral English.

All are at a level that enables us to speak English fluently, which is a requirement to participate.

We like to chat about ordinary things but traveling is our favorite subject.

Every Friday, foreign travelers who are on holidays in Buenos Aires and are interested in meeting "natives" visit us. This kind of exchange and sharing of cultures and points of view means learning and developing for all of us. Open to all ages, but those below 18 must come with an accompanying adult.

If you are interested in participating and can speak an advanced level of English,

join us. FAMEnovo Cabildo 2921 Fridays 20/22 hs.

Conditions for participating in The English Group of Buenos Aires:

"Our aim is to encourage a true exchange and to improve our oral level of English"

1- You must speak English to an advanced level (not just an intermediate level)

2- Be a good listener

3 - Have respect for other's opinions

4 - Do not monopolize the conversation. Everybody needs the opportunity to

tell his or her own story

5 - Share your opinions, point of views, knowledge and culture. It is not

allowed to come and listen without participating

6 - Speak only in English at our "official meetings" on Friday evenings

(You could speak Spanish after meetings in later dinner)

7 - Mistakes in spoken English are allowed. Don't correct others unless

they ask you to do so. (You can write down suggestions and share them later)

8 - FAME NOVO lets us meet there on the condition that everybody consumes

something. It is one of the cheapest places in town


Nov. 2, 2018
8 p.m. - 10 p.m.


Cabildo 2921 Buenos Aires, 1429


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