Meet Japan - Language x Sake x Matcha

Berlin Japanese
Sept. 30, 2018, 6 p.m.

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Meet Japan - Language x Sake x Matcha

Do you want to learn Japanese? and get to know Sake and Matcha culture? Then this is the perfect event for you.

Thanks to our sponsors, duolingo, Gō 合 Sake and AMIKAMATCHA, you can try Sake and Matcha for free!! plus you have a chance to learn Japanese!

Meet Japanese culture and get to know Japan!

18:00 : Meeting point at Mehringdamm station. Mehringdamm 33, 10961 Berlin, and we walk to Berlin Akupunktur

18:30 : Opening - short introduction of Japanese language, and duolingo

19:00 : AMIKAMATCHA introduction

19:15 : Gō 合 Sake introduction

19:30 : Networking, Stammtisch

21:00 : End

Meet Japan Language x Sake x Matchaを開催します。スタムティッシュもその後にあるので、ドイツに来たばかりの人、友達を作りたい方も大歓迎です。また、待ち合わせ場所はメーリンダムの駅に18時集合です。


Young Berlin-based company.

- First Matcha from Wazuka available in Europe.

- Packed in Japan to ensure the highest quality.

- Only cerimonial, super premium and premium grades.

- Environment-friendly, no artificial flavours or added ingredients.

- 100% vegan.

- Harvested at the best times of the year and only the youngest leaves are used.

- Cultivated by farmers who have been mastering the art of producing Japanese green tea for centuries.


Go-Sake was founded in 2017 by Bastian Schwithal and Marco Rafailović to promote Japanese sake culture in Germany. Together with sake sommeliere Mayu Adachi, Go-Sake curates premium sake and supports Japanese sake breweries in bringing their handcrafted sake to Germany. Go-Sake stands for 180 milliliter and for a new modern way of sake consumption.


Sept. 30, 2018
6 p.m. - 9 p.m.


Bergmannstraße 5 Berlin, 10961


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Kentaro Yoneda

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