Beginners' Class - Plain Form Speech!

Austin Japanese
March 28, 2019, 8 p.m.

About this event

If this is your first time to come to the class, please DO NOT RSVP until you read the following instructions carefully.


1) PLEASE EMAIL ME your 1) phone number with your 2) name at kazki.beatz@gmail dot com

2) If you don't know how to write ひらがな & カタカナ, please take the Absolute Beginners' Japanese + Kanji Class first.

The study guide for the plain form and て form will be provided at the class. Japanese For Dogs 1 is also necessary for the class.


• Please order the textbook Japanese For Dogs 1 on Amazon. (

→ This is a textbook I wrote. If you leave a review on Amazon, following the guidelines at the bottom of this message, I'll give you a $10 off of your course fee.


Kazki's Home at Jewel Apartments: (512) 424-9596

1616 Royal Crest Dr

#80 (building 9, 2nd floor)

Austin, TX 78741

• PARK in the visitors' section (in front of building 11 or across the lot from the leasing office). There's no gate code.

• Please keep off the grass when walking from the lot to the apartment.


8pm-9:30pm Thursdays

You're welcome to come 10 minutes early and be ready. The class starts on time.

PAYMENT: Due 1 Week Before the 1st Class

$80 for 4 consecutive weeks (textbook not included in the price)

The payment is due 1 week before the class. I take cash, check, Venmo, or PayPal (Please send to friends & family): kazki.beatz@gmail dot com

• If you want to try out a class to assess the level, it'd be $20 for the 1st class. After that $80 is due 1 week before the next 4 classes.


1) a pencil & eraser, black & red pens

2) a large size binder only for Japanese

3) loose leaf graph papers (

4) a simple recording device like a smart phone (please be familiar with the recording app)

5) Japanese For Dogs 1 (

6) Study Guides for the plain form and て form



Please write an honest review by covering the following points, and let me know your display name on Amazon after publishing your review. Also, please remember this is a review on my book, not me as a teacher. Once your review’s been displayed on Amazon, please email me at kazki.beatz@gmail dot com and I’ll give you a $10 discount on your lesson fee. If these following four points are not covered, the $10 discount will not be available.

1. If you’ve used other Japanese textbooks before, what makes Japanese For Dogs different?

2. By using the grammar diagrams, how easy is it to understand the usage of different particles, like を, で, に, が, は, etc.?

3. How is it when you study it alone with the book without having me there as a teacher? Is it easy to follow and understand? Is all the necessary information there in each chapter, the dictionary, and grammar diagrams?

4. How helpful are the notations for the stresses and devoiced sounds? If you’ve tried Romaji or regular Japanese writing without those notations, how are the differences? If a native Japanese person(s) has ever commented on your pronunciation since you started using this book, please share.


March 28, 2019
8 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.


1616 Royal Crest Dr, Austin
1616 Royal Crest Dr Austin, 78741


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